Month: May 2013

Absurd News | Dedicated pizza delivery, crazy Florida burglars, Tim Tebow’s new job offer and more!

Every Friday I share my favorite absurd news articles of the past week. They highlight the absurd, hilarious, and just plain weird people and situations from around the world. I typically try to stick to American news, but I usually end up posting a few articles from other countries too. I also try to stay away from celebrity news and politically-driven stories.

Army says no to more tanks, but Congress insists

Omaha Beef indoor team offers Tim Tebow $75-per-game contract

Pizza delivery man delivers pizza on foot after car is hijacked

New Hampshire man loses life savings on carnival game, gets giant banana
Update: CollegeHumor will buy the banana from him for $2600 and give him an Xbox Kinect

Burglar breaks into home, eats salad, plays with toy helicopter, performs sex act

School canceled due to “good weather”

Mike Tyson claims his ex-girlfriend cooked and ate his pigeon,,20694822,00.html