Month: January 2014

3 Android Launchers You Should Try

A launcher is essentially a “home screen app”. It is the first thing you see when you unlock your phone. It displays your apps, widgets, backgrounds, etc. The Android OS allows you to change your launcher as you see fit. (Unfortunately Apple is not so open with it’s iOS, sorry iPhone users.) Pretty much any new Android device you buy will have it’s own launcher pre-installed. Samsung has a launcher called “TouchWiz”, HTC’s is called “Sense”, and so on and so forth. The only exclusions are Google’s Nexus line, which is just stock Android. Think of a launcher as an extra layer over the base Android OS.



Microsoft Will Give You $100 for Your PS3

Xbox One DealA PS3 is currently listed at about $200 on Amazon right now. So you could…

  1. Buy the PS3 for $200.
  2. Bring the PS3 to Microsoft for $100 credit towards an Xbox One.
  3. Buy an Xbox One for $400!

Wait a second… that’s still $500! What a waste!

I only kid. Obviously the purpose of this marketing technique is to encourage gamers to recycle Microsoft’s competitor’s systems in exchange for a little bit towards a next-gen Xbox. A gamer may be able to pick up a bit more than $100 elsewhere, but the bonus side here is that it’s a quick & easy way to pick up guaranteed money, no hassle. I actually bothered to check elsewhere, and Gamestop estimates the PS3 trade-in value to be ~$100 anyway. Then again, it’s Gamestop. Ebay listings are a bit higher, closer to $150-$200.

Anyway, it’s not that bad of a bad deal as you get the full Xbox One package: BluRay, Kinect, and all. Especially considering Microsoft is rumored to be releasing a BluRay-free Xbox for $399.

Absurd News | Pipe bomber allowed to fly, broken porn filters, and the Jamaican bobsled team!

A few months back I would regularly share some of the most absurd news stories that I had seen the week previous. Well I figured I’d do another one, so without further ado…


Passenger allowed onto flight after security confiscates his bomb
UK Porn Filters are blocking sex education websites
Man shares post seeking his arrest on Facebook, is arrested within the hour