Recommended Android Apps (Late 2014)

Here’s a list I generated for a friend that includes apps I often recommend to people. These apps are well-designed and very good at what they do. Most are free, and I’m sure many are available on iOS too. However, all links in this post go to the Google Play

Device Manager – Keep track of & control your phone in case you lose it.

Google Keyboard – Google’s official stock keyboard, pretty solid keyboard.

Swiftkey – IMO the best keyboard app ever. My first choice.

Messenger – Google’s SMS app. There are a bunch of other great SMS apps like Hangouts, Hello, and QuickSMS.

Auralux – Great game. One of the few apps I’ve paid for the full version of. Free version has plenty too.

Google Sky Map – If you love space and enjoy looking up at the stars, this is a great app.

My Boy! – Gameboy emulator. There’s also emulators for SNES, NES, and a bunch of others.

Reddit News – My current favorite reddit app. Baconreader is also great. Reddit Sync and Reddit is Fun are also popular.

Viral Popup – Play YouTube videos in a pop-out window over other apps, or minimize and play in background.

IFTTT – “If this then that” a straightforward automation app that links with many services like Facebook, Twitter, Google Drive, your phone’s settings, etc. Great UI, allows you to browse others’ automations. I use this for a bunch of things, but I’m most proud of one that I set up to automatically “clock me in/out” when I entered/exited a GPS radius where I work and log it to a Google Spreadsheet.

Llama – Worse UI than the other two, but still a great app for doing more complex things. I use this to enable screen rotation for specific apps, rather than leaving it on all the time.

Tasker – The most complex, yet comprehensive automation app. For advanced users only. This app can basically build other apps. “Amazing” is how I’d describe it.

Trigger – Nice UI, more about phone automation rather than syncing with other apps. I use this to automatically enable a “night mode” that changes the sound profile to ‘silent’, disables the notification light, and changes bluetooth/gps settings.

Google Opinion Rewards – Get paid in Play Store credits to answer anonymous surveys. Free money.

Keedle – Basic drawing app, good for quickly drawing on pictures you take.

Moonshine Icon Pack – Nice set of icons you can use with Nova launcher.

Pocket – Save articles to read later.

Pushbullet – Pushes your phone notifications to your computer. Allows you to easily send files back and forth. Now allows you to send/reply to SMS from your computer!

QuickPic – The best gallery app for your phone.

SeatGeek – For finding cheap tickets to games/concerts/shows etc.

Unified Remote – Universal remote for your computer. Control itunes, vlc, chrome, netflix, plex, monitors, power, etc. The full version allows you to build a custom widget for your homescreen.

Untappd – Track/rate yer beers!


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